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Informed Parent Series - Presented by the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and INB Radio. This quarterly series is dedicated to provide information and support to families living with the diagnosis of a pediatric brain tumor.

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July 2009

Finding Fertility: Parenthood Options and Childhood Cancer

Survivors of childhood brain tumors looking to the future may have hopes of living independently, working, and perhaps having a family of their own. This presentation provides information about the possible options before, during, and after treatment, that can make parenthood a reality when the time is right. Dr. Copland speaks to male and female pediatric brain tumor patients, survivors and their parents about new developments in the field of onco-fertility. This area of research and clinical practice offers hope to those who may be affected by chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

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Susannah Copland
Presented by Susannah Copland, MD, MS, assistant professor in the division of reproductive endocrinology and fertility at Duke University Medical Center.

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